Hariyani, Sri (2016) ACCOMPLISHING MATHEMATICS PROBLEMS USING OUTSIDE THE BOX THINKING PHASE. 3rd International Conference on Research, Implementation and Education of Mathematics and Science. pp. 481-486.

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Abstract ─ Completion of math assignment is an important part of learning mathematics. However, in practice, students often do it in a way that is not creative (monotone). In other words, students are not able to think outside the box. This research described the process of students' thinking outside the box when they completed a math assignment using outside the box thinking phase. Outside the box thinking phase in this research included exploration, idea generated and justification. This research is important for educators to make thinking outside the box as the information input about the characteristics of students’ thinking. The research instruments that had been validated by expert validator were given to the subject of research to be completed. To obtain accurate data, the subjects of the research accomplished it using think aloud technique. The subject of research explored the problem to get an idea of the problem situation. In this case the subject used logical reasoning in order to obtain an idea of different solution. The research subjects used fractions to strengthen the mathematical argument. The conceptual component of cognitive function happened was analyzing-integrating. Analyzing-integrating is the cognitive functions related to the quantity of a concept. Keywords: mathematical assignment, phase, outside the box thinking

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