Math Problem Solving Phases on Thinking Outside The Box

Hariyani, Sri (2016) Math Problem Solving Phases on Thinking Outside The Box. IOSR Journals, 6. pp. 43-48. ISSN 2320-7388

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Abstract : This research resulted problem solving stages/phases for thinking outside the box which was simpler in using the terms. Problem solving phases included exploration, unique idea generated and justification. Exploration phase had two criteria, namely problem exploration and mathematical interpretation. In interpreting mathematical problems, the students used sub-concepts (the prerequisite knowledge) had by them. Review was done on the sub concepts previously acquired which were identified by using two cases: (1) exploration by categorical, namely sub concepts were learned through example; and (2) exploration by compositional, namely sub concepts were learned through the elements/components. Unique idea generated phase contained two criteria, namely conjecture and representation. In making conjecture, solution strategy reviewed was the solution strategy which was different while the justification phase contained a single criterion, namely justification. Justification toward the solution of mathematical problems by students was reviewed through the logic and accuracy in finishing the problems. The process of settlement which was logical and right showed the depth of understanding to the mathematical concepts that had been taught. The abstract should summarize the content of the paper. Try to keep the abstract below 200 words. Do not make references nor display equations in the abstract. The journal will be printed from the same-sized copy prepared by you. Your manuscript should be printed on A4 paper (21.0 cm x 29.7 cm). It is imperative that the margins and style described below be adhered to carefully. This will enable us to keep uniformity in the final printed copies of the Journal. Please keep in mind that the manuscript you prepare will be photographed and printed as it is received. Readability of copy is of paramount importance . Keywords - Phases, Thinking, Outside the Box

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