Utilizing L2 Movies with L2 Subtitles to Attain L2 Learners` Speaking Skill

Muzammil, Lasim (2016) Utilizing L2 Movies with L2 Subtitles to Attain L2 Learners` Speaking Skill. The 63rd TEFLIN International Conference 2016, 63 (1). pp. 267-273. ISSN 979-979-8559-99-0

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This paper discusses a strategy of developing speaking skill utilizing L2 movies with L2 subtitles, called multimodality learning. Providing such multimodality learning process, theoretically, is believed to give significant benefit. First, learners are provided not only with compelling movies that make them interested in watching, but also with the aid of understanding the story from the subtitle; so the input of the language is comprehensible. Second, listening to L2 sounds leads to comprehending some microskills of speaking such as phonemes, stress, rhythm, intonation, phrases, grammar and so forth. Therefore, it serves as a natural and real-life model for learners’ speech development. Third, watching L2 subtitles helps learners understand the model and produce more accurate and complex structure and fluent expressions. To conclude, utilizing L2 movies with L2 subtitles is able to help learners’ complexity, accuracy, and fluency in producing their utterances. Therefore, it is suggested for ELT practitioners to utilize this strategy in order to get the benefit from the use of multimodality learning. In addition to vary the atmosphere of teaching and learning process in a more natural way, it is also necessary to find out how such media has an effect on developing L2 learners speaking performance.

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