Slang Words on Rampage Movie

Fauziah, Puja Isnatu (2021) Slang Words on Rampage Movie. Sarjana thesis, Universitas Kanjuruhan.

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Language is widely be judged as a means of communication to send information. Language is divided into two, namely standard language and nonstandard language. Slang is a non-standard language. Slangs means the use of informal words that are considered non-standard in the speaker's language. Movie is art that contains images and sounds that have meaning in the story. This research aimed to know slangs words used on Rampage movie. The reason why the researcher used Rampage movie because one of the best action movies in 2018. The objective of the study: the types of slangs word and the meaning of slangs word. This study supported by the theory from Coleman (2012). This theory performed that slangs words has seven types. There are English slangs created by changing in meaning, English slangs created by changing in function, English slangs created by changing in form, English slangs created by abbreviation, English slangs made by changing spelling, English slangs from sound and English slangs language loans. The research was conducted using qualitative method. In this research, the researcher became the main instrument to collect the data. The analysis of the data involved five steps: listening the movie, finding the slangs, determining the types of slangs, giving the meaning, validating the data result and making conclusions. For the triangulation the researcher used investigator triangulation and the researcher discussed with lecturer that was expert in this subject. The findings of this study are: (1) English slangs created by changing meaning were 17 slangs (2) English slangs created by changing in function there were two slangs (3) English slangs created by changing in form there were seven were slangs (4) English slangs created by abbreviation there was one slang (5) English slangs made by changing spelling there were three slangs (6) English slangs language loans there were two slangs. It suggested to the lecturer to give some motivation to the students to be interested in learning a language, especially slangs. It can be source for the lecturer to teach. It is hoped that this research can help the students and English education to be able to analyse slangs word. This thesis can also be used as a reference for further researcher to analyse a movie more deeply and more completely, especially about slangs word of another movie.

Item Type: Thesis (Sarjana)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Slangs Word, Rampage Movie
Subjects: 400 – Bahasa (Bahasa Indonesia dikelas 499) > 420 Bahasa Inggris dan Inggris kuno > 420 Bahasa Inggris dan Inggris kuno (Anglo-Saxon)
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