The Effect Of Using Herringbone Technique On Students’ Reading Comprehension

Fadilah, Ghea Dasa Noor (2018) The Effect Of Using Herringbone Technique On Students’ Reading Comprehension. Sarjana thesis, Universitas Kanjuruhan.

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Herringbone Technique, Reading Comprehension, Traditional Technique.The aims of this research were to investigate whether Herringbone Technique had better reading comprehension to improve students’ reading comprehension or not, and to investigate the students’ perception towards the implementation by using Herringbone Technique in learning reading comprehension in academic 2017/2018. Quasi-experimental design was used to conduct the research at SMKN 10 Malang. There were two groups which consisted of 30 students and 31 students in each class. The first group was X TKJ (1) as the experimental group, and the control group was X TSM (2). The main data were collected through pre-test and post-test and were analyzed statistically. The supportive data was questionnaire. Pre-test and post-test consisted of fifteen questions. The scores of both groups were analyzed by using independent sample ttest. The result of independent sample t-test showed that the probability (p) was less than level of significant which is 0.05, it was .022. It means that there was a significant difference between experimental group and control group. The null hypothesis (H0) was rejected and alternative hypothesis (Ha) was accepted. The mean score gained by experimental group was higher than the mean score gained by the control group (72.20 > 65.39). It shows that there was a significant effect after applying Herringbone Technique in the experimental group. Thus, it can be concluded that using Herringbone technique can comprehend the text effectively in reading comprehension than those taught by using Traditional technique. Therefore, the use of Herringbone technique can make the teaching and learning process be enthusiastic, interesting and effective for students. The researcher suggests that the teacher can use this technique in teaching reading comprehension as an alternative technique. Finally the researcher recommends that the teacher should implement Herringbone Technique to improve the students’ reading comprehension. Teachers need to make the students more interested in learning English and comprehend the text easily.

Item Type: Thesis (Sarjana)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Herringbone Technique, Reading Comprehension, Traditional, Technique
Subjects: 400 – Bahasa (Bahasa Indonesia dikelas 499) > 420 Bahasa Inggris dan Inggris kuno > 420 Bahasa Inggris dan Inggris kuno (Anglo-Saxon)
Divisions: Fakultas Bahasa dan Sastra > Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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Date Deposited: 23 Feb 2023 14:19
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