Grammatical Errors Analysis In Writing Essay Of Fourth Semester Students Of English Education Department At University Of Kanjuruhan Malang

Sigar, Grace Elisabet (2018) Grammatical Errors Analysis In Writing Essay Of Fourth Semester Students Of English Education Department At University Of Kanjuruhan Malang. Sarjana thesis, Universitas Kanjuruhan.

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grammatical errors, error analysis, writing.This research analyzes the grammatical errors in essays of students in the Essay Writing class in the fourth semester students at University of Kanjuruhan Malang. The objectives of this study are to determine the types of grammatical errors made by students and the source that lead them to make the errors. The data were collected from 26 students by collecting one of their writing task. The study only focuses on the students’ grammatical error in the essay writings. There are two reasons why the topic was chosen. First, even in the university level of students, there are many grammatical errors that can be found in the students writing. Second, the analysis about grammatical errors by using Azar’s (1992) classification of grammatical error were less explored. So, it was an interesting topic to be analyzed. The design of this research is descriptive qualitative research and the main instrument is the researcher herself. The researcher followed the error analysis procedure to analyze the data. The analysis of the data included finding grammatical errors in students’ essays, classifying the errors into 14 categories; (1) singular-plural, (2) word form, (3) word choice, (4) verb tense, (5) addition, (6) omission, (7) word order, (8) incomplete sentence, (9) spelling, (10) punctuation, (11) capitalization, (12) article, (13) meaning not clear, (14) run-on sentences, as the theory of Azar (1992). The finding of this research showed that the most dominant error was omit a word error. It occurred 53 errors or 13.38%. The second was meaning not clear error which occurred 45 errors with the percentage was 11.11%. The third position belong to spelling error which appeared 41 errors or 10.35%. Then, word choice error which had 40 errors or 10.10%. The next was singular-plural error which occurred 35 errors with the percentage was 8.38%%. It continued with verb tense and capitalization errors which occurred 33 errors and the percentage was 8.33%. It was followed with add a word error which happened 29 errors or 7.07% of all errors. The next grammatical error was run on sentence which occurred 26 errors, and the percentage was 6.56%. Word form error appeared 21 errors or 5.30% followed with punctuation error which appeared 15 errors or 3.78% of all errors. The next is word order error occurred 11 error with the percentage was 2.77%. And the smallest occurrence of errors was in the article error. It occurred 3 errors or 0.75% of all errors. The research also investigated students’ attitudes towards essay

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