Sholeh, Agus (2017) PROMOTING AUTONOMOUS LEARNING IN READING CLASS. Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang.

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Some students found that reading is a difficult subject for some controversial topic for years; nevertheless, learners' reading acquisition and awareness can improve the quality of their reading skill. To have good acquisition and awareness in reading, the learners need a long and continuous process. Therefore, the learners are required to have autonomy in learning reading, learner autonomy refers to learner responsibility to their own learning process. Autonomy as the ability to lake charge of one’s own learning” and “playing an active role in learning". This study presents how to promote learner autonomy in reading class by combining learner-centered reading teaching and extensive reading teaching. Learner-centered reading teaching refers to inductive approach, while extensive reading teaching deals with deductive approach. Learner-centered reading teaching was carried out through group discussion, presentation and language awareness activities. Meanwhile, extensive reading teaching was done to review the learners’ materials in presentation and reinforce their acquisition. Those two different approaches were applied due to differences on learner's characteristics and needs. The result showed some success in the practice of autonomy, indicated by changes on learners' attitude. However, many learners showed that they focused more on obtaining score than on developing their language acquisition. By implementing the approach, the teacher can assist learners to be aware of their ability to learn independently and equip them with the skill needed for long-life learning. Keywords: autonomous learning, learner-centered in teaching reading,Extensive reading teaching

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